Earring Care

Earring Care

    Metal earrings - particularly sterling, white gold and silver - will appear to tarnish over time.  We recommend regularly buffing sterling, white gold and silver-plate earrings with specialty metal polishing cloths or soft cloth, and occasionally buffing other metals.
     The sparkle of crystal and diamond jewelry, in precious metal settings, can be restored using rubbing alcohol and gentle manual cleaning with a soft jewelry or tooth brush.
     We recommend cleaning genuine pearls by soaking them in a mild liquid soap, diluted in water.

Keep in mind:

  • Use jewelry cleaner sparingly as it can gradually strip patina and discolor beads and stones.  NEVER use it on genuine pearls:  It dissolves them.
  • Hairspray, perfume and make up can discolor jewelry (some types permanently).  So, we recommend that you put your earrings on last when getting ready.
  • People who live relatively close to the coasts or Great Lakes will also likely have to buff and/or clean their jewelry more frequently due to build-up caused by high humidity.

Clip and Jump Ring Vulnerability

    When a non-pierced earring is a drop or dangle that hangs from a simple or screwback clip, the loop on it is the most vulnerable part of the earring.  When they are not being worn, they should hang from an earring "tree" or lay flat, preferably on an earring card.  Although sometimes soldered closed, the loop will have a "split" (this is how the drop or dangle was hung from it).  Jump rings - the small circles that hold parts of the dangles together - also have a split that can be pushed open.  So, if earrings are just left loose in a purse, drawer, box, etc...there is a risk of the drop or dangle pushing on a loop or jump ring and opening it.
    It is easy to fix an open loop or jump ring with a pair of needle nose pliers or a pair of tweezers.  Most loops are opened counter clockwise (or to the right); so, typically they are closed by turning counter-clockwise (or to the left).  However, "pinch" the loop or jump ring closed in whichever direction is the shortest distance to close the gap.  When the two ends touch, the circle should still be round.
     It is always a good idea to take a quick look at dangle earrings before wearing them and putting them away so open connections can be closed before a part is lost.

Note:  Neither clip loops nor jump rings are designed to be repeatedly opened and closed.  The clip loops will likely break, and jump ring(s) permanently bend out of shape, after several openings.  So, we do not recommend intentionally opening either or "recycling" these parts for use on other earrings.

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