Spring & Summer Styles

Cliptomania.com is pleased to bring you the 2014 Spring & Summer Color and Earring Forecast straight from the biggest fashionista's in the business. Compared to 2013, there are big changes especially for earring trends.

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The Colors

According to Pantone (pantone.com) the 2014 Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid a lively and deep pastel purple. Also very popular for this Spring and predicted to trend through the Fall are Blue Combinations- mixtures of varying blue hues, purplish blue and greenish-blue shades in an ethereal display. Spring's blues are Placid Blue which is slightly darker than baby blue, Violet Tulip, a pastel blue/violet leaning more to the blue side and Dazzling Blue which is the richest color of the palette -- like diamonds mixed in navy paint. Hemlock a pastel green/grey, is another shade that can be easily paired to compliment that mystical blue combination. The brighter colors in the Spring palette include a muted, dark yellow we liken to honey mustard called Freesia, a hot red named Cayenne and a grey-orange called Celosia Orange. Each one a potential foundation or accent color.

Neutrals for this Spring can probably be found in most of our closets. Paloma is a pastel grey that when put with any other color on the palette, gives both colors a delightful crispness. Lovers of brown hues are not forgotten as Sand is a pastel tan with a hint of grey creating a foundation for desert blooms or a break in color chaos.

The Earring Trends

The two former year's earring trends have pretty much been put away, except for three: Punk Inspired, Chunky and Rough Crystals. Punk Inspired features spikes, chains, leather, abstract designs, and large colorful but simple geometric shapes like a neon green triangle. Chunky continues with its simple designs on a larger scale - minimal, yet in big and bold style. Crystal takes on a new form called Crystal Nature. Rough cut crystals and gems still have the stage, but will be paired with other mediums like wood, shell, pearls, nuts, etc.

New this year and playing into Pantone's palette of "colorful equilibrium" is Delicate Femininity - earrings that include pearls, filigree, single gems and simply exert feminine qualities and modest subtle beauty. A similar trend, called Minimalist, is as it sounds: less is best. Simple studs, a fine chain with a gem - uncomplicated and beautiful.

Birds, Bees and Butterflies will bring fluttering interest to our earlobes, while snakes, scorpions and lizards are also included in the animal menagerie. Brooches and pins will make the biggest hit for these animal models, but earrings are part of this rolling trend that actually took off last Fall.

If you can write it, you might be able to wear it this year. Messages and Slogans had their say on the runways. You've seen them: "Love" "Hope" "Diva" "xoxo" "Faith." The message went from the rear and straight to the ear - a trend finding a home with teenagers and adults alike.

Stacked and Layered has a different spin this season. It's not the previous year's messy look, but rather organized. Same or different colors with different mediums of craft such as mixed metals, plastic, wood and such. Pearls with Metals range from simple pearl buttons to a cascade of pearls - especially mixed with bright metals like copper. Mixed Metals are two and three tones that are a nice contrast from the usual go-to of gold, silver or copper worn alone.

Want to ramp it up? Walk on the wild side with Fringe. Multiple dangling strands to either wear playfully short or at lengths called "shoulder dusting" and everything in between. Crosses were seen on runways last year but have made a larger impact this season. Not entirely religious in nature as they are larger, stately and more radically decorative pieces reminding me of fourth century Byzantium with bling.

For the first time since beginning Clip's style guide, we've came across a choice shell for the season: Abalone. The striking interplay of abalone's natural colors will go well within Spring's bloom of color, not to mention its mystical fluidity of color in contribution to the blues combos.

Gathered information also suggests that at least four of the current Spring earring trends will still be around this Fall. They are: Minimalist, Messages & Slogans, Delicate Femininity and Stacked & Layered.

Whatever your style, favorite color or trend, Cliptomania.com has over 500 clip on earrings that will fit all those categories and your shopping budget. Since 1999, we are committed to being your clip on earring source.

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